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Thank you for agreeing to share 3 books with me :) Machine Supply is the name of my popup bookshop vending machine in Campus London, where I'll stock these books with your words on a little printed out card! Your recommendations will also be shared on the website, http://machine.supply. (There's also a newsletter, but I'll ask you about that first.)
What 3 books should I read this year?

Give us an intro to this book. But mainly: why is it special to you? If you need a prompt, these questions might help:

* That book that you could read every year... why is it special to you?
* Tell me the story of having your eyes opened by That Book when you were 17
* There's a book that just about sums up that Sunday afternoon hobby you have -- why is it good?
* What's the best book for an amateur to learn about your career expertise?
* What fiction should I read this year? Why?
* What did you read in the last couple of years that has really stuck with you?
If you'd like some inspiration, the newsletter has some really well written recommendations. They're a good length, descriptive, and personal too.

Read an edition of the newsletter here:


Book 1

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Book 2

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Book 3

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Thanks! Not many more questions... I'd just like to know who you are.

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(First and last!)
What do you do, and what are you into right now?

This is optional... but if you'd like to be in the newsletter then it would be great to know!

For example... Russell said "I'm a writer and strategist, realising I should be spending more time playing poker and driving around America and Essex" and Tina said "I'm a former metalsmith, high school teacher, and founder of eat.fi. Currently Project Whip at Fun Academy and trying to build the ultimate magic lightsaber wand for my kids."
What is your public Twitter handle? *

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Thanks! I'll get back to you with any questions, and I look forward to sharing your recommendations :) –Matt

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